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City furniture as art intervention.

Street furniture has become as much a part of many nations’ identities as dialects and national events, so much so that one can often recognize the location by their design. Famous examples of this include red telephone boxes of Britain, residential post boxes of the United States, streetlamps and metro entrances of Paris. With this festival program, Belgrade got 50 new public concrete benches based on the art concepts of five artists. Benches were placed in public spaces, primarily at locations where infrastructural need was evident. Artistic concepts include both the form and graphic treatment of the object.

 Concept: Dorijan Kolundžija

Coordinator: Mladen Hrvanović and Kiosk-platform for contemporary art

Artists: Žana Poliakov, Mladen Hrvanović, Aleksandar Denić, Stefan Ikonić, Igor Stangliczky

Project supported by Telenor.

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