Projects » BELEF 09 - Visual Art Program

BELEF 09 - Visual Art Program

The Festival's visual program concept carry's on the initiative from BELEF 08 and continues to explore the possibilities of contemporary art production in public spaces.

The city remains in focus as a theme, an element on which an art intervention is performed, a field of research and interpretation, while art is offered to the widest public completely circumventing gallery showrooms.

terratoria 01


Clay sculptures in the public space. Individual contemplation expressed through compositions of sculptures that are integrated into urban open spaces represents the basic idea for the project TERRAtoria. Part of the exhibition was placed...


Super Wall

The city's visual culture has aggressively been occupied by commercial messages and the initiative for painting murals should present a counter action with the goal of defending the city's visual identity, but also...

Korzo ulica Kralja Petra 01


Mapping the memories of the City of Belgrade. Photographs on ceramic plates mounted on the facades in Kralja Petra street, Kosančićev venac, Velike stepenice and Karađorđeva street. The project is envisioned as mapping of...

Mark Jenkins 4

Mark Jenkins

Sculptures made of scotch-tape in public areas. Production workshop (Gallery 12+ / Oxygen station) Mark Jenkins, together with the participants of the workshops he held during his stay in Belgrade, created several sculptures that...

Blek le Rat 01

Blek Le Rat

Stencil art in the public space and workshops. Blek le Rat, widely considered the Godfather of modern Street Art, was the first to use stencils for silhouettes in the street. Blek has been...

street art olimp 08

Street Art

Painting the wall at the Sports Center Olimp. This project presents the work of 13 artists who have been, for many years, promoting the street-art scene in Serbia and abroad. They painted together,...

Cyberkinematografija 2 Belef09


Cybercinematography - semantics of the city's retrodynamic. This complex and innovative project is based on projections of archive materials in public areas, during which the city is "illuminated" by its own past and...