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Cyberkinematografija 2 Belef09

Cybercinematography - semantics of the city's retrodynamic.

This complex and innovative project is based on projections of archive materials in public areas, during which the city is "illuminated" by its own past and becomes a simulation of its possible futures.

Cybercinematography is an example of virtualization in public areas, creating a platform where the possible and real, real and simulated is synthesized in the eye of the beholder, opening the possibility for every viewer to construct his own system of the city's past, present and future.

The project Cybercinematography was initiated in 2006 as one of the numerous projects by the Association for interdisciplinary and intercultural research. Until now it has been seen in Zagreb in 2007, Dubrovnik, Dresden, Prague and Buenos Aires in 2008, and in 2009 it will be seen in Rijeka and Belgrade.

Cybercinematography in Belgrade was conducted by an association of multimedia artists AUROPOLIS and in cooperation with the Association for interdisciplinary and intercultural research.

Locations: Plateau near Philosophical faculty, Plateau / park beneath hotel “Moscow”.

We would like to thank to RTS Archive.