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Branko Milanović, Marko Stanković

Marko i Branko Upalite svetlo 3

Turn on the light

Three-channel video installation, 2011

Process of building a tower of cards and its inevitable collapse, as a clear metaphor of the construction and deconstruction of the Yugoslav community. The characters of ordinary people are printed on the front side of the cards. On the back of the card there is a symbol of the state. This form of the cards symbolizes the one-sidedness and impersonality which was characteristic of ceremonies of the era, where people’s faces were not important, but their reverse is what makes their identity and serves as the only prerequisite for their survival in the tower of cards. Moulds, conventions, isolation, single-mindedness, the stipulation of freedom and overall syncretism are all characteristics of this time, and the cards convey those very facts. The tower of depersonalized collectivism can be built only from the identical cards, but this equality, loyalty, and obedience lead to conformity and quasi-altruism, so the catastrophic collapse is inevitable. The figure of the tower’s very creator is depersonalized, only his arms are seen, while the motif, the meaning, the aim, as well as the creator himself – remain eternal enigma. What is important is the interactive connection between the cards (the citizens) and the constructor (the president). Finally, the very name of the last ceremony Turn on the light conveys the absurdity which is prolonged to the forthcoming wave of darkness and hideous events which will happen in the near future.