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Communication I

Communication project started in 2005 in the South Serbia region. Nineteen young Serbs, Albanians and Roma from Bujanovac and Presevo were gathered on photographic workshops where, during several months, they worked together on documenting their lives and learning more about each other. The participants were using simple snapshot cameras and color negative films. Workshop focus was put on the creative act of photographic observing and observed while photographic medium was used as a basis for the communication among members of the often divided ethnic groups.

Partner of the project: Generator, Vranje.

Project was supported by Olaf Palme International Center. 

Communication I

Communication Photographs

Participants of the Communication workshops in 2005 were: Ertan Ahmeti, Marina Dinčić, Slobodan Dinčić, Remzija Duljaj, Mefail Drmaku, Marija Elezović, Liridon Hyda, Sebehate Hyda, Edvina Iseni, Blerta Ilazi, Sanja Janjić, Slobodan Jovanović, Arta Limani, Emel...

Communication exhibitions

Communication project was presented on the following exhibitions: in September 2005 in O3one gallery, Belgrade, in Bujanovac Cultural Center and on the exhibition Culture of Fear in Leipzig, Germany, in May 2006.