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Ana Sofrenović

 In between Spaces

Project explores those spaces that keep redefining themselves again and again, in relation to their usage and moment, current and past, prepared and improvised, freed and manipulated, internal and external, present and absent. The entire investigation occurs in the context of live performance with the performer present in one space, the audience in another, and the artist-co-author in yet another. The project asks when and how these spaces may overlap and influence one another. That problem is addressed not only within the possibilities of the new platform, but also in the context of exploring the future of live performance in an age of increasingly ubiquitous technology and the phenomenon of the Internet, which allows one to be present almost simultaneously in multiple spaces, in an increasing number of contexts.


Author: Ana Sofrenović (vocal artist)

Performers: Ana Sofrenović (vocal artist) and Gunnlaug Thorvaldsdottir ( vocal artists and composer)

Collaborator: Dorijan Kolundžija (artist)

Live video editing: Filip Mikić

Live audio mix: Ivan Acović

DP: Milan Tvrdišić

Live performance supervisor: Dorijan Kolundžija

Holographic consoles: Galerja 12, Belgrade

The piece was performed in March 2011 from two locations Belgrade (Serbia) and Rome (Italy)

Duration of the performance: 31 min