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Igor Stangliczky


SND_Playground_1.0 is an interactive concert - performance, based on the form of social board games. Together with two main players – the artists, members of the audience are active participants of the performance (there is audience physically present in the space with one of the artists and the one present online). All of the performance participants have a chance to cast a dice and influence the flow of the game. The performance is to be set up at two geographically remote locations - each of the players physically situated at one of the locations, whilst the other player is projected in 3D using holographic projection. Physically separated audiences are enabled to follow the performance, at the same time influencing the flow of the concert using the casting dice platform.

Performance SND-PLAYGROUND_1.0 researches the phenomena behind the social games (board games), as well as interaction between involved persons (actors) presented with unpredictable results and spontaneous encounters trough an audio-visual platform.


Author: Igor Stangliczky (artist)

Co author: Ivan Kadelburg (artist)

Performers: Igor Stangliczky, Ivan Kadelburg, online audience (Iva Ćetković) and audience present in the studio

Live video editing: Filip Mikić

Live audio mix: Ivan Acović

DP: Milan Tvrdišić

Live performance supervisor: Dorijan Kolundžija

Holographic consoles: Galerja 12, Belgrade

The piece was performed in March 2011 from two locations in Belgrade

Duration of the performance: 11 min