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Dejan Kaludjerović

Dejan Kaludjerovic What Did Tomorrow Bring Us

The past doesn't exist as a fact - it is a construction. With digital manipulation, two photographs become one whole "document" of the past. Projection of a photograph in gallery ambiance actualizes an idyllic love situation: two people meeting on a bridge, with a sound of running water indicating passing of time. The image emerged in trifling with reflection; on a huge photograph it seems that there is something missing in this ideal meeting. A divided tree in the centre opens up a gate that makes it clear that the 'left' and 'right' moments are not the same. Manipulated memory - characters from the past, brought to the line of the present which is common to the viewer, asks the question: 'What did tomorrow bring us?', the question about the manipulation, the real moment, the past and the future.