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Uroš Djurić

Uros Djuric Iggy Pop

I’m light years away from the art establishment. Because it’s not a warm milieu. Honestly, it only interests me on the brute survival side... But, ask the guys on the top of the hype, they’re so rich that they kids obey them, y’know?! But they’re on tour, aren’t they? Don’t you find that odd? Like fuckin’ rock stars – Sao Paolo, Miami, NYC, London, Paris, Berlin, Venice, Basel, Istanbul, Sharjah, Gwangju, Tokio, Sydney... I’ll just say that I’m in this category: the old school, contemporary art financial made-it thing, where you have the house & you never have to work again. Yeah, I have that. But – the reality is... I have more than 1 house! And then you look at people who don’t do anything at a certain age – & you’re scared.