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Dorijan Kolundžija

Sculpting the Archive / exhibit /

If project aims at, and this is not without stripping it down a bit, becoming the collective portrait of the territories of the Western Balkans that have yet to join the European Union and creation of unique archive of cultural memory, it is safe to say that the exhibit aims at becoming the portrait of the resulting archive.

In an effort to convey morphology of the archive, while providing interface-free access to it, a vast amount of collected and generated data needed to be somewhat distilled. Isolating representative samples in order to reveal the archives’ constitution, rather than its total content, was the essential criterion to selection process.

Additional effort was made to enable the sense of intuitive, unguided navigation trough the archive, resulting with sculpture-like approach to the process of building the exhibit. However, some of the structural entanglement of the ensuing object, and fleeting loss of easy readability was intentionally preserved, if not amplified. It simply depicts somewhat interwoven voices in this immense vivid conversation inherent in the character of the project.