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Nives Sertić, Nebojša Slijepčević

15 days / 14 000 / Two Climates

This short form of passage through a single state could have been a typical tourist wandering (and inevitably, there had been these elements) if there hadn't been an objective to connect for short periods with people from the community, to enter their intimate spaces, everyday, and look at their position in their community, their personal reflections and conditions.

It is interesting that after all we, as all the other artists, began our journey with specific knowledge of the country and with assumptions implanted throughout our lives. It would be sufficient to say that you have some expectations confirmed or denied, but only when you encounter the living entities face-to-face do you know the true picture. The best part gleaned from this trip was the pulse of (part of) the nation, the thoughts of individuals and their condition, their attitude towards themselves, towards the country in which they live, their thoughts about the present and future, even directly unrelated to the issue of the EU.

To participate and feel—not just briefly look at—the situation during such an excursion is not just about viewing, but about including yourself in a moment of someone's life. It's not just about looking at the upcoming EU accession, which for most is not just around the corner, but after the endless series of turns. Most cannot picture how it will look, what it should be, which bring good or bad consequences. People look to the EU with skepticism, even though it is our nature to desire a better future for the community in which we live.