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Ryan Tailor

Interactive Design

I am a white 31-year old Male and 7th generation Canadian. Historically, that would have put me at the top of ‘the sociological food chain’. However, I am quickly becoming a minority in the vast melting pot of the global village. Toronto, where I was born and live is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world and probably the most tolerant. I am very lucky.

My brief visit to Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia in December ‘09 allowed me to see some of the Balkans and experience The Culture Lobby. It is a place where artists are still revered, where art can make an impact on politics and where free speech has become a way of life and the people still cling to their heritage while grappling with the ever-expanding global village. You are very lucky.

The website brief: Design a site that is an archive of data, but which is also a creative experience in its own right. Make it compatible over several platforms and take into consideration all the variables relating to speed, screen sizes, available technology, OS character sets, etc, etc, etc. Have it translated into four languages (including a Cyrillic alphabet) and try to address a population that is spread out through cities, towns and villages in seven countries which have mixed socio-political views.

I have attempted to design a site, which will push available technology while also being accessible and intuitive and become an international resource for information for the Balkans. I am not delusional – I know that people will grumble over certain functions, aspects or looks. However, as long as this becomes a tool to help engage and continue the conversation the rest are all details.

I would like to thank the programmers, Neal & Conor Pollack who have made the ideas, concepts and designs a functioning reality.